A Guide To Using Data Analytics For Customer Acquisitions

How to Implement a Data-Driven Strategy to Improve Marketing and Customer Acquisitions Results

It costs 5 times as much to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one.

Acquiring new customers is costly, but it’s your job to grow the company. You want your strategies to be as effective as possible, so that the budget spent on acquiring these customers, is well worth it. Once they are customers, you know it’ll be more cost-effective to retain them!

Your goal is to increase conversion at a lower spend: improving your ROI.

Data analytics offers the solution to do that. Whether you are implementing a new strategy or needing to streamline an existing one, data-driven conversion tactics are essential in optimising your approach and ensuring that you get the best out of your strategy, people, processes and technology.

In this guide, we discuss how advanced data analytics can be applied to the four areas of Strategy, People, Process and Technology to improve customer acquisitions.

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