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Products represented by Ada after Ada Lovelace, mathematician and first computer programmer. Representas innovation and software and analytical products.

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Serving 150 Companies in 30 Countries since 1999

Together, We'll Work Wonders.

We are an international data analytics company based in South Africa.

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Our data scientists, developers and consultants work together to develop data analytics products and solutions that derive answers, predictions and recommended actions from large and complex data sets for over 150 companies in 30 countries in Africa, Middle East and Europe. We are experts in using data insights to predict human behaviour and drive the optimal outcome: from identifying the most profitable customers or account holders to target to identifying and targeting your most cost-effective marketing initiative for a defined market segment. Our aim is to turn data into wisdom that enables companies to work wonders. Diagram showing the data to knowledge continuum plus Wisdom and Execution from Principa

We take data, organise it into information, interpret the data and draw insights to give you an understanding of your current situation. We then apply our knowledge and experience to help you make decisions and develop strategies that improve or change your situation. Together with our data analytics skills and products, industry experience, and technology we help companies work wonders.

Our Leadership Team

Our people are industry experts who maintain a constant eye on developing trends and who apply their knowledge and experience to help our clients minimise risk, increase profitability, and outperform their peers.

Jaco Rossouw, Chief Executive Officer
Jaco has over 26 years of experience in the financial services industry specialising in Insurance, Retail and Banking. He is an analytical technologist at heart with a track record of delivering innovative business solutions over a wide geographical region from South Africa to the Middle East and Europe. He serves as leader, motivator and imagineer to one of the finest collections of data, business and computer scientists in South Africa. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree with majors in mathematics and computer science.
Geoff Lander, Commercial Director
Geoff heads up our Go-To-Market team consisting of Sales, Marketing and Consulting. As a person who seeks out challenges in sport and business alike, Geoff has taken on and mastered various roles at technology companies over the past 17 years, including Product Manager, Financial Manager, Development Manager, Sales Manager, and Managing Director. A natural born leader, Geoff now takes his hands-on experience in key roles within a business to manage and lead our teams in delivering on our sales objectives.
Shireen Pillay, Human Resources Director
Shireen Pillay has over 15 years’ experience within Human Resources. Prior to her appointment as the Human Resources Director, she held the position of Human Resources Executive within Principa. Prior to joining Principa she held various generalist and specialist management positions within the field of human resources and human resource development at multi-national companies such as The South African Breweries and GlaxoSmithKline. She has a degree in Human Resource Development and is also a qualified moderator, assessor and skills development facilitator. Shireen is a member of the ASTD, SAODN and CT Community of Practice.
Ernst van der Merwe, Financial Executive
After graduating from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, Ernst relocated to London. Prior to joining Principa Ernst’s experience included roles at Sainsbury’s, the Pearson Group and a London-based recruitment consultancy. Later he joined one of the leading business risk consultancy firms in Europe, the Risk Advisory Group plc, where he held the position of Financial Manager. Ernst holds a BComm (Hons) in Management Accounting and is an associate of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

Our Technology Partners

Through our partners we are able to provide technology that enables our clients to execute and act on our data-driven strategies. Our Solutions and Services are made possible thanks to our technology partners and the relationships and skills we have built and nurtured with them. Principa consultants and technology specialists are trained and certified to consult on, implement, customise and support our partners’ software products as listed in our Products section.


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Our Core Values

Our core values define how we work and how we interact with and treat each other and our clients.

Client value creation

We are committed to creating value for our clients in a tangible and measurable way. We measure our success by our clients’ success arising from our interventions.


We will ensure absolute confidentiality of our clients’ information. We will act ethically and responsibly; deliver work of the highest quality and accuracy; and “deliver on time, right first time”.

Respect for the individual

We respect the abilities and beliefs of people that we meet and work with and treat people with due consideration regardless of their position. Constructive criticism and feedback is encouraged. We will deal with people in an open, honest and empathetic way and will be transparent in decision making and communication.

Our People

We will attract and develop the best talent for our business. We believe that teamwork and collaboration result in better solutions and opportunities. We support the people that we hire to enable them to be successful. We recognise – and are committed as a South African company – to redress the imbalances of our past and still maintain our consistently high standards. We do not compete against each other and rather provide coaching and development. We recognise that we are in a demanding profession and will provide people with appropriate support.


We value new ideas and innovation and will maintain a constant awareness of trends and developments both locally and internationally. We recognise that diversity of experience, background, and expertise is essential to innovation.


We embrace accountability and strive to maintain a performance-based culture in which we will reward outstanding performance and contributions.

Our Name

Our name, Principa, was inspired by our core strengths, values and aspirations:


This speaks to our core strength of using advanced mathematical techniques (such as those described in Bertrand Russell’s seminal work, Principia Mathematica) to draw data insights.


This speaks to how our principles and our core values determine the path we take and the decisions we make on a daily basis.


This speaks to our aspiration of becoming our customers’ first choice in delivering data-driven strategies and the #1 Africa based data analytics, consulting and software company in terms of customer satisfaction and industry recognition for innovation.

Our Governance Documents

PAIA Manual | B-BBEE Certificate | Ethics Charter

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