Atura Ai

A new powerful channel for Credit Risk service providers & external debt collectors

Acquire, Originate, Manage and Collect with Principa’s latest Innovation - Atura Ai

Principa has partnered with a leading Chatbot technology firm to bring a new innovative channel to companies that offer credit risk products to customers. The partnership combines Principa IP (Principa’s credit risk consultants are able to develop credit conversations to all areas of the customer credit lifecycle) with an industry-leading artificial intelligence chatbot cloud solution, bringing a leading class one-stop-Bot-shop to serve customers across the credit and collections lifecycle – all 100% within the Microsoft Azure cloud.

What is Atura Ai?

Atura Ai is a chat/messaging solution that can be consumed in a number of ways, the most common method being a chat session presented within a browser, either on a mobile phone or tablet, or via a hover over application on a website. Atura’s technology is built within Microsoft’s native Azure stack and is 100% cloud deployed – no need for any inhouse technology.

The chatbot is simply a white box (much like MS Excel without a spreadsheet) that enables companies to pre-configure conversation flows specific to their business needs. In some cases conversations are process driven with simple flow diagrams driving outcomes, while in other cases the Ai engine uses its language interpretation capabilities to understand words outside of a rigid flow type conversation. In our experience, a combination of both these approaches is the best fit solution.

The real skill lies in developing the conversation. Ensuring the right questions are asked in the right way and using a language format that is simple and easy to understand – all critical components to a good customer experience and chatbot efficiency.

Very importantly, Atura is not an application that can be downloaded and stored on a phone (as is the case with Messenger or WhatsApp). Atura has the capability to render conversations either within a company mobile application or via a browser – the latter being the most commonly used method by our Atura customers.  

We offer the following solutions:

Atura for Customer Acquisition & Loan Originations

Atura is an ideal and innovative way to market to new potential customers. Unlike other channels such as SMS or e-mail, it is very engaging and seems more personal. In most cases, pre-configured conversations are used to conduct a small number of pre-checks, before engaging in a more comprehensive conversation flow or forwarding successful prospects to an agent. Access to Atura is normally via an e-mail or SMS sent to the prospect or, if required, by simply scanning a QR code to open the bot conversation. For a full solution offering see our Lead & SMS solution that can work seamlessly alongside the Atura chatbot.

Atura for Customer Services

Atura can play a part in improving the customer experience and also reduce the burden of servicing numerous calls for simple requests that could easily be done by a chatbot. These include balance requests, statements, requests to increase credit limits, to name a few. Atura can embed conversation flows within a company mobile application via a chatbot application on the company website, or via requests. Integration with WhatsApp is also possible. Certain restrictions will however apply to the use of a WhatsApp business account and additional charges will be levied by WhatsApp.

Atura for Customer Collections

Atura is also a perfect and non-obtrusive way to collect debt from customers who want to pay down debt. Principa has built a conversation flow that guides the consumer through a pre-configured conversation flow – from acknowledgement of debt, to payment of debt.

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