Call Centre Solutions for Call Centres and BPO’s

Innovation that will drive better call outcomes

As a result of Principa’s historical focus on credit risk solutions across the customer lifecycle, Principa has developed a strong competency in servicing call centres outside of the financial services sector. 

Our solutions include software, analytical and consulting across a number of B to C focused sectors. Principa’s solutions are tailored to meet the specialised demands of call centres.

New Profiled Leads and Lead Analytics

In partnership with a leading direct marketing organisation, Principa is able to provide the market with analytical capability to improve the quality of the lead and to provide opted – in – POPIA compliant leads. Our leads provide our customers with superior uptake of offers and a better likelihood of receiving future payments.

For those customers with existing leads, we provide analytical services to improve response, uptake and risk through our bespoke data sources and machine learning algorithms, again with the goal of improving both response and risk.

We are also able to offer various channels to support your leads campaigns which include SMS, email and more recently Chatbot Ai.

While the above mentioned are all standalone products, our solutions combine a number of these offerings based on specific customer requirements.

Call Centre Agent Assistant

Agent X is our latest Innovation. The concept originated from our frustration in providing our customers with great analytics relating to their clients with their call centre agents having no means to use the analytics. Our R&D team have developed a software solution that is able to consume the value of the analytics in an easy to read hover over application, which we believe is able to improve call outcomes. In addition, we have added performance data that motivates agents based on their performance.

Data Analytics and Modelling

Principa has developed a number of predictive modelling solutions that are normally customised for our clients that aims to improve operational performance.

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