Multi Bureau Connector & Data Hub

BridgeSmart is a credit bureau and data hub created to help you get the most out of bureau data.

Connect to different bureaux, prevent unnecessary calls, integrate with a variety of other data sources and manage all of the data that is returned.

BridgeSmart optimises the use of credit bureau data and facilitates the operational integration of previously acquired bureau data, as well as the real-time online acquisition of bureau data.

Benefits & Functionality



Sophisticated web interface allows system administrators to configure required bureau access (web) services, configure optimisation parameters for both online and batch data, and run simple queries against existing bureau records. Administration console provides system administrators with web based user interface to the following functions:

Data access web services

Web service for easy operational access to batch bureau data BridgeSmart is delivered with a pre-configured web service that provides easy access for all client applications or user interfaces requiring bureau data. This simple feature ensures the realisation of return on investment on bureau data expenses.

Online bureau data archive

Landing zone for all acquired online bureau data. Only the most recent record per customer is kept.  Rather than using a restrictive database structure, records are written away and retrieved as XML strings. This design feature allows for the configuration and assimilation of many and varied online data sources and/or bureaux without the need for customisation or the architectural redesign of the application.

Batch bureau database

Facilitates loading and operational use of acquired bulk bureau data. The batch database is pre-configured to support the layout and format of any client’s bulk bureau data feed enabling the easy loading of bulk data into BridgeSmart without the need for client IT development effort.

System design

Network support

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