Credit API Hub

BridgeSmart is an advanced Application Processing Interface (API) Hub built especially for the credit industry.

What does an API - hub like BridgeSmart do?

As lending becomes increasingly more service-orientated, so APIs become a critical part of the credit journey. BridgeSmart ensures you have a central point to manage your APIs. With BridgeSmart you can set up webservice calls (APIs) to, for example, a credit bureau. You can set up BridgeSmart to deal with the response from the bureau. If you receive data back from the bureau you may want to extract certain fields and send them back to your, for example, loan origination system – this is configured in BridgeSmart. Alternatively, you may receive an unwanted response from the bureau; BridgeSmart is configured to deal with it in an automated fashion.

Integration is frequently the most costly part of software deployment. BridgeSmart provides functionality that manages a number of these challenges.

Why BridgeSmart?


BridgeSmart is also feature rich. This includes:

South African APIs

As well as the list of some of the South African external APIs (listed in the image), BridgeSmart has also been used to connect to a number of decision engines, collection systems and loan management systems.

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