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Harnessing the power of data in a single view​

In a world where information is a very powerful commodity, more and more companies rely on and want access to centralised company information that provides critical business insights in real-time.  Some years ago this was extremely difficult to achieve due to challenges related to the availability of software and de-centralised data within the organisation. Nowadays however, after many new software advances, the challenge remains but now has to do with understanding what information and views will provide the most valuable insights to business managers.

It's about improved business decisions!

Business intelligence means harnessing the insights and representing them in a meaningful way. Furthermore, it means having the tools to uncover the reasons for the trends observed. These are two of the four tiers of analytics – the Descriptive stage and the Diagnostic stage.

Our Business intelligence offering

As a Microsoft® Gold Partner, we primarily work with Microsoft® Power BI.  We are however completely software agnostic and have successfully completed many projects using other specialised tools available in the market.

Our analytics expertise and experience gained over 22 years in multiple industries across different areas of business set us apart from our competitors.  Our understanding of the data elements and how best to present them in an intuitive way are key abilities we offer. 

Depending on the client’s IT infrastructure and requirements, the solution can be built on a cloud platform or on-premise. 


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