Could Chat GPT be a useful credit tool?

I’m sure many of you are part of the many millions that have played around with the Internet’s next big thing:
Chat GPT. For those who don’t know, Chat GPT (or “Generative Pre-trained Transformer”) is an advanced-AI chatbot that has been trained on an immense amount of data. It’s intuitive natural language processing means that it can do everything from write intricate computer code, compile essays on complex subjects and even write its own poetry. It is the future of Internet search.


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Credit API hubs 101

With the large drive in account origination towards digitisation and automation, web services have become increasingly critical in the originations’ process. To enable web services, ideally lenders should look to adopting an API hub. In this blog, we unpack API hubs and APIs available in originations.


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2021: Pursuing the pockets of profit

During the COVID-19 crisis, the media has focused much on the weak economy and stressed South African consumers. Figures show an increase in unemployment and for those lucky to be employed, many suffered decreased earnings through salary cuts. All this points to a highly strained economic environment.


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Model validation and adjustment

The time is NOW for model validation and adjustment.

One of the major premises used in credit scoring is that “the future is like the past”. It’s usually a rational assumption and gives us a reasonable platform on which to build scorecards whether they be application scorecards, behavioural scores, collection scores or financial models. That is reasonable until something unprecedented comes along. You can read about this black swan event in our previous two blogs here and here.


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