Advanced Analytics redefining Point-of-Sale (POS)

It is indeed amazing in how many situations mathematics can be applied. In this blog, we explore something we have not explored before in our blogs and that is operations management – with specific reference to point-of-sale (POS). For the layperson it is indeed interesting that for so many business, strategic or operational problems, there is a neat mathematical solution.


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Shift happens: Top tips on Scorecard re-alignments

Principa employs a variety of best-practice credit scorecard building techniques including mathematical programming, regression modelling, optimal segmentation-seek genetic algorithms and reject inference parceling, amongst others. Through our credit risk scorecards businesses can look to improving their credit risk decisioning by 5-30%.    



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10 ways the COVID-19 crisis will affect your credit models (PART 1)

One of the basic principles of credit scoring and modelling is that the “future is like the past”.  Whilst robust credit models may be calibrated on multiple time periods, this assumes that trends in the past represent what is going on today.  COVID-19 is a black swan event – meaning in the modern day it really is unprecedented.  If you have never come across the term black swan, or if you have but no idea the origin, I recommend taking two minutes to read its really interesting etymology.


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Our Data Analytics And Cloud Blog Roundup Of 2019

As a data analytics company, we write about data analytics frequently: but less so on the cloud. However, as software product experts, one of our blogs on a cloud-related topic was so popular this year, we would feel terrible if you were to miss it, and so have decided to add together our data analytics and cloud topics together in this roundup.


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Eight Questions On The Gini-Coefficient

Whether you’ve been involved in introducing models into your business or have had a passing interest in economic affairs, you may have come across the term “Gini-coefficient”. This blog hopes to demystify the concept and give you a good deal of information on the statistical measurement. We answer:


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Mathematical Optimisation In Five Phases

For businesses wishing to improve their credit decisions, the adoption of Mathematical Optimisation is an important consideration. Mathematical optimisation is more than a straight data-driven strategy design as it incorporates prescriptive analytics.


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