Supercharging your Collections with DecisionSmart

Collection departments utilise diallers and collections management systems to improve their collections by segmenting the delinquent customers, prioritising them and applying a host of treatments.  Whilst segmentation takes you so far, there are a host of other mathematical models that can be explored to improve what we call the “Collections Cascade”.  Improvement in any step of the cascade can help improve the collections yield and there are a number of models that can be used.  A few of them are listed below:


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What Is A Proactive Debt Collection Approach?

The management of debtors and account payments is often a laborious and reactive process that includes following up with debtors who are in default and don’t want to talk to you. Implementing a debt collections approach that is proactive, could improve efficiencies and result in reduced amount of accounts rolling into delinquency.


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How Coaching Bots Can Increase Your Debt Collection Call Centre Yields

Machine learning and advanced data analytic techniques are often used in combination with behavioural sciences to develop coaching bots. Agent X Virtual assistant for call centre agents is a collections solution that guides and supports agents through calls in real-time, offering them easy access to information and motivates and inspires high performance. This can translate directly to increased collection yields.


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Back-to-Basics: Collections and Recoveries (Part 1)

Collections and Recoveries are the final two stages of the entire credit lifecycle. To understand the collections and recoveries landscape, we need to review the earlier processes.

For this reason, we are first going to touch on the various stages of the credit lifecycle preceding Collections and Recoveries, and thereafter spend time on the main subject of this Blog.

In this Part 1, we specifically focus on the first two stages of the credit lifecycle which are Leads and Originations.


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PART 1: How to Cure the Post Pandemic “Collections” Symptoms

It has been a year and a half since the first case of the coronavirus (COVID-19) was reported from Wuhan, China. As we move into the third wave of the virus, there is an apparent dilution in both collection and recovery yields in the financial services sector, primarily because relief schemes and packages come to an end.


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