Collections Advisory

Technology, Analytics and Innovation are changing the collections landscape

Businesses often get trapped in their own operational world and fail to look up and see the changes going on around them. 

Collections in particular is changing rapidly due to specialised technology in collections, advances in predictive analytics and machine learning, the use of data and the need to offer new channels that support digital and self-service channels.

Our Collections & Recoveries advisory team have worked with blue chip companies in 40 countries developing or reviewing and optimising Collections strategies, reviewing technology and assisting with new innovations. Our expertise spans across multiple industries that include specialised lending, banking, education and retail credit.

Advisory services include:

Why choose Principa?


“FNB requested Principa to assist with an assignment to review general collection strategies and processes for one of our International subsidiaries.

Principa demonstrated a very good understanding of the issues that needed to be addressed and the recommendations were welcomed by all parties involved and a further engagement with Principa has followed.”

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