Collections Scorecards

Analytical models for more efficient collections

Achieve optimal decisions with world-class collections scorecards

We offer predictive analytics applications to increase debt collection efficiency and effectiveness by analytically driven strategy execution within Collections & Recoveries.

Principa provide development and alignment services for an extensive range of analytic applications, including but not limited to the following:

Risk Segmentation Models

Bespoke client models utilising internal as well as external customer behaviour attributes to determine individual customer propensity to pay (late-stage collections and recoveries) and/or propensity to roll (early-stage collections).

Settlement Calculator

A scorecard that uses a discounted cash flow model to develop a risk specific account settlement framework.

Legal Propensity Model

A scorecard that determines likelihood of payment within the legal process.

Right Party Connect Model

A scorecard that determines the probability of connecting with the debtor on a specified number (enables company to prioritise contact details) – improves connection rates in call centre and ultimately collection rates while improving efficiency.

Right time to Call Model

A scorecard that determines the best time of day to connect with a debtor (enables the company to prioritise calls by time of day/weekend) – improves connection rates in the call centre and ultimately collection rates while improving efficiency.


“Principa assisted us in implementing our next generation application scorecard solution. Their deep base of experience coupled with their support during the project and in the days immediately following the implementation enabled us to smoothly transition to the new scorecard environment and to complete the project in less than 90 days and within out budget.”

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