Consumer Profiled Leads

Our profiled leads intelligently target the right customers across all industries

Improve take-up rates by targeting profiled leads most likely to respond to your campaign

Apply advanced analytics to identify the leads that match your preferred customer profile and have a higher response probability.

Whether you want to grow your customer base or apply targeted marketing campaigns to existing customers, our marketing services solutions and products will meet your needs. To provide our clients with a best-fit selection of customers, we use various and relevant data variables, then overlay our analytical solutions against this database. The selected customers can be targeted actively and efficiently across all industries, optimising campaign profitability.

The use of profiled leads will increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategy, extract more value from your campaigns and create increased awareness of strategic opportunities available to your business.

In conjunction with our data providers, we continue to ensure that our applied business practices meet all legislative requirements prescribed, including the Protection of Personal Information Act – POPIA.

Why Genius Leads?


Our Process

Access to an extensive marketing database

We make use of extensive predictive modelling variables such as customer level risk and response data, contact and demographic information. This is done to ensure businesses identify and target those customer segments that optimise their approach and get the best out of their strategies.

Predictive Analytics
We apply advanced analytics to identify the leads that match the preferred customer profile and who have a higher probability of response.

Campaign Selection
After completing the data validation process and application of all of the customer exclusion rules, we apply our predictive marketing analytics models to select the campaigns that meet our clients’ requirements. These are securely delivered to our clients in the format and frequency required.

Campaign Execution
The campaign selections are passed to our clients for execution through their outbound communication channels. Our clients may also make use of our digital communication channels, such as, SMS, email, and our Artificial Intelligent ChatBot solution.

Reporting and Monitoring
We use our campaign management tools to measure the performance of the campaigns, based on key matrices. This ensures that our selection models are continuously improved using Machine Learning technology.

Some of the companies that use our Profiled Leads

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