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Products represented by Ada after Ada Lovelace, mathematician and first computer programmer. Representas innovation and software and analytical products.

Call Centre Virtual Assistant

Agent X

Use AI to deliver powerful data-driven insights to call centre agents.

Better call outcomes. Reduced agent turnover. Improved motivation.

A motivating call centre virtual assistant that provides your agents with data-driven, visual insights.

Call centre agent with headphones

By arming your agents with essential nuggets of information on their customers, they can engage them successfully. Agent X makes complex data easy to understand and use by displaying these nuggets visually. It only takes 0.25 seconds to process visual content, some 60 000 times faster than text. By representing customer information and insights with pictures and colours, your agents will easily and quickly be able to discern and remember who they are talking to, allowing them to spend the first 3 seconds of a call engaging and not making small talk while data mining.

Agent X also tracks call centre agents’ progress towards targets in real-time via a dynamic and engaging dashboard, improving motivation to reach these targets.

By optimising time spent on the call and motivating your agents, Agent X improves call outcomes (sales or yields), customer satisfaction and agent productivity, and lowers agent turnover.



  • Improved call outcomes
  • Increased yields or sales
  • Improved motivation
  • Improved personalisation
  • Lower agent turnover
  • Lower training requirements
  • Light technical footprint
  • Low cost of ownership



  • Agent X has a clear interface and hovers over open applications
  • Analytics software to run decision models
  • Intuitive and dynamic user experience
  • Personalised KPI dashboard that updates after every call
  • Live feeds of data-driven recommendations and actions for each call based on customer profile and interaction history
  • Icons change with real-time data
  • Agents can click on icons to display further detail
  • Flexible and configurable to specific call centre requirements

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Improve call outcomes and agent motivation with Agent X Call Centre Virtual Assistant.
Give your call centre agents the power of data-driven insights.

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How does Agent X work?

Illustration illustrating how Agent X works and where it pulls data from

FAQs on Agent X

We answer all the questions you have about Agent X!

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