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Products represented by Ada after Ada Lovelace, mathematician and first computer programmer. Representas innovation and software and analytical products.

Artificial Intelligence Chatbot for Financial Services


Automated support that helps financial services companies do better business.

Lower costs. Better service. Happier clients.

A powerful AI chatbot to provide your customers with self-service options for your financial services solutions.

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Atura is a powerful artificial intelligence chat solution that uses cloud technology to deliver the right answers to your customers via any device, albeit mobile, desktop or tablet.

Built on the Microsoft Azure technology stack, Atura uses its advanced algorithms and advanced machine learning techniques to correctly understand your customer’s message and then deliver- most importantly –  the correct message response.

In the event that artificial intelligence does not understand the customer message, the customer entire messaging conversation can be seamlessly redirected to a physical agent to further respond to your customer.

The result: a fluent and seamless customer experience!



Why Atura?

  • Atura is flexible and customisable which allows your bot to assume your brand’s persona.
  • Atura’s ability to seamlessly integrate with existing systems differentiates it from the majority of other bots.
    • Agent takeover – a critical feature of any chatbot – Atura has a very effective mechanism in place for the transition from bot to agent.
    • Secure user authentication – opens up a world of transactional capabilities.
  • Atura has a powerful form engine – it accurately & consistently, collates then translates chat data into a usable & productionised form.
  • Atura’s sophisticated AI allows your bot to recall the thread of the initial conversation, which means no frustrating repetition for the client, whilst the bot is able to frame its response in the context of the most recent comment.


  • Reduced operational costs
  • Reduced inefficiencies
  • Accessible services
  • Smooths path to purchase
  • Improved customer experience
  • Speedy complaint resolution
  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Consistent messaging
  • Your agents are less consumed by mundane tasks
  • Your agents are more engaged in valuable interactions

FAQs on Atura

We answer all the questions you have about Atura!

Read the Atura FAQs


Atura is highly customisable, heavily integrated and hugely intelligent.

  • Accurate language processing through AI and large, industry-specific datasets
  • Secure transacting using OTP or USSD authentication
  • Seamless handover to live agents when client needs aren’t met
  • Robust API with CRM, service desk and call centre software
  • Functional translation turns conversational text into structured data for API integrations
  • Contextual understanding incorporates information gathered before and during the conversation
  • 16 communication channels including your web app, native app, Facebook and Slack
  • Better interface to move beyond text to visual controls and web views inside the conversation
  • Constantly improving response accuracy thanks to machine learning engine

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