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Machine Learning as a Service for Business users

Tap into the power of Machine Learning without the infrastructure cost or investment

Your virtual team of data scientists…hosted or on-premise.

Remove the infrastructure requirement for advanced data analytics and machine learning.

Gain access to advanced decisioning as a monthly subscription service with Genius, our artificial intelligence engine with machine learning capabilities.

Genius uses machine learning to provide advanced decisioning and answers for specific areas of your business. Find the Genius application below that answers the questions for your specific area of business.

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New to Machine Learning and It's Possibilities?

Download our guide How To Use Your Data: A Guide To Using Machine Learning In Business to learn how you can use machine learning to better tap into your business data and gain valuable, informing insights to improve your business revenue.

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What business questions do you need answered?

We've developed our Machine Learning as a Service offering to bring the benefits of Machine Learning to more business end-users. Our range of Genius applications is made up of different sets of defined questions - or data models - that we've designed Genius to answer. With every new outcome, machine learning techniques improve subsequent answers. Each Genius application below provides you with answers to a specific set of questions.

Best Time to Call:
For Outbound Sales
Question: What’s the best time and best number for me to use to increase the probability of reaching my prospect?
Best Time to Call:
For Collections & Recoveries
Question: What’s the best time and best number for me to use to increase the probability of reaching my debtor?
Cross-sell & Upsell:
For Customer Engagement
Question: What is the next-best-product I can offer each customer to improve take-up?
Customer Retention & Re-activation:
For Customer Engagement
Question: Which of my customers are most likely to leave me and what offer can I make them to get them to stay?
Consumer Marketing Leads:
For Customer Acquisition
Question: Who are the best people to target for my campaign based on their potential and probability of response?
Propensity to Pay:
For Collections & Recoveries
Question: Which of my debtors are most likely to pay this month or to roll into next month?
Benefits represented by a plus sign in a circle

Benefits of Genius Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS)

No additional infrastructure costs or headcount 
Genius Machine Learning as a Service provides infrastructure and analytics service on a monthly subscription basis.

Connect to multiple data sources
Depending on the Genius offering, data sources can include your own enterprise data or 3rd party data, or a combination of both.

Quick time to value
As you are plugging into an existing infrastructure, set-up cost and set-up time are kept to a minimum.

Lower total cost of ownership
The monthly service fee for Genius includes ongoing maintenance, hardware, service and security upgrades.

Need a business question answered by Machine Learning?

Get in touch with us to learn more about our Machine Learning as a Service offering for business end-users and how it could help your particular business requirement.

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