Covid-19 Principa

Principa’s Response to the COVID-19 lockdown

Given the announcement by our President of the nationwide lockdown to commence at midnight 26 March, the Principa Executive Team would like to provide the following feedback and assurances:

  1. The health of our employees, clients and fellow South Africans remains paramount and Principa will fully comply with all the requirements of the lockdown;
  2. Principa is now fully and securely “Work from Home” enabled and operations will continue through the lockdown period and beyond;
  3. We will continue to utilise digital channels to engage and deliver.
  4. Our Head Office in Cape Town and our regional office in Johannesburg is now closed and will remain so until further notice;
  5. Please engage with us as per normal using mobile and digital channels or contact me directly at should you have a pressing concern.

In these extraordinarily challenging times we wish you good health, wisdom and the resilience to manage through this season. We remain available as always to assist where we can.