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Current State Assessment

Credit Risk

Get an expert industry opinion on the current health of your credit risk strategy and operations, along with prescribed recommendations.

Revitalise and optimise your credit risk strategy and operations.

Don't ignore the symptoms. The routine of everyday business-as-usual often leads us to neglect symptoms of inefficiency and exposure to risk in our operations.

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Every now and then it’s wise to allocate time and resources to focus on reviewing your strategy and operations to identify opportunities for improvement and innovation.

Principa’s credit risk industry experts can apply years of knowledge and experience gained across industries and territories to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement in your operations.

Principa’s Current State Assessment (CSA) has been developed through our team’s vast experience as credit advisors and as credit executives in a variety of banks and financial services institutions around the world.

Our CSAs incorporate a credit health-check across the credit lifecycle assessing the spheres of people, process, strategy, data analytics and technology.

Further to this, a road-map is developed which prioritises all the recommended projects that arise from this exercise.

High-Level Assessment

Duration: 1 day

Overview: Assessment of your business against international credit best practice principles to determine what is working and what needs to be addressed.

In-Depth Assessment

Duration: 5 days

Overview: Assessment of your business against international credit best practice principles to determine what is working and what needs to be addressed.

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An expert and objective outsider’s view of your operations, the gaps that expose your business to risk and cause inefficiency, and the opportunities for innovation and improvement

Quick turn-around
No need to allocate existing resources and find time in busy schedules. Principa credit risk experts will spend 1 to 5 days assessing your business when you are ready.

Get it done
By outsourcing this assessment to a dedicated outside team, you eliminate the need to borrow resources or ask to have internal resources pulled off other projects.

Improve profitability and reduce risk
Our credit risk specialists bring insights, knowledge and experience from working with financial services companies across markets and territories and apply them to finding innovative ways of reducing risk and increasing the profitability of your credit operations.

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“Principa conducted a situational analysis on our banking processes which identified new areas for improvement. We are committed to improving risk management best practices throughout our organisation and through this Applications Current State Assessment we can effectively match our existing policies to industry best practices.”

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Check the health of your
credit risk operations

Let Principa's credit risk industry experts review your operations and strategy and apply international best practices to optimise your outcomes. Contact us for pricing and more information.

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