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Customer Acquisition


Customer Acquisition Solutions to optimise lead generation and improve ROI.

Use a data-driven approach to increase campaign response rates and improve take-up.

Data analytics offers the solution to optimise your customer acquisition strategy, improve your profits and increase your business revenue.

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Businesses often get trapped in their operational world. And whether you are implementing a new strategy or needing to streamline an existing one, data-driven customer acquisition solutions are essential in optimising your approach and ensuring that you get the best out of the strategy.

Customer Acquisition Solutions

Make better decisions and enhance your marketing strategy with any of Principa's Customer Acquisition Solutions:

Provide an omnichannel, self-help customer experience with the award-winning AI customer acquisition chatbot, Atura.
Our leading edge solution ensures your targeted marketing campaigns connects you to the best new and existing customers.
Acting as your call centre agents’ coach, Agent X coaching bot provides your call centre agents with account information and treatment recommendations during each call in an engaging manner to improve call outcomes.
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“Principa has been our preferred analytics service provider for a number of years and has made a significant contribution to our volume growth during this time. We have experienced positive results from their analytics expertise, ability and turnaround times which has translated into higher lead responses, conversions and retentions. We are happy to recommend them as energetic, reliable and trustworthy partners.”

Blue Label Data Solutions

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