Customer Lifecycle Consulting

Understand consumer behaviour through data and analytics

Understanding your customers has never been more important than in today’s digitised world.

Why? Well it’s no secret that consumers today expect communication and offers that are customised to meet their needs and behaviours and get frustrated with brands that don’t achieve this outcome. Those brands that do – gain loyal customers forever, those that don’t, well let’s just say we will be interested to see if their brands exist in the coming years.

We at Principa think and believe that data and analytics can have a massive impact in terms of better understanding how to improve new customer acquisition and as importantly, how to upsell, service and retain customers by using advanced analytical techniques, specialised software and additional data sources.

Here’s where we can help!

Our consultants are NOT experts in your business but ARE experts in understanding how data, software and analytics can help your business to transform from the old world to the new digital world. It goes without saying that this journey can be done in parts or an “all in” approach, it really depends on each customer, executive buy in and cost.

Our Consulting Offering

Our consulting offering is primarily aimed at companies that have large consumer bases (B to C). Typically, our advisors will consult with key role players to better understand the current state of the organisation in terms of the “as is” customer journey. This may include only parts of the journey such as new customer acquisition or the entire journey – it really depends on each assignment.  The scope of each assignments is strictly limited to the data, data management, analytical components and in some cases channel use. Advisory outcomes are detailed in a report that talks to opportunities that will improve the current state through use of new analytical methods, machine learning, additional data sources and the use of specialised technology.

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