Debt Collection and Recovery Software

Built for Debt Collection Professionals

CollectSmart is a powerful, modular, enterprise-wide debt collection and recovery system that combines business controlled segmentation with the allocation of appropriate and differentiated actions to individual customer profiles – all accessed via an easy-to-use interface.

CollectSmart provides specialist collections strategies and tactical actions that improves collections efficiency and improves yield.

CollectSmart improves observed collections efficiency (improvement in timed-worked) for early stage (CD1, CD2, CD3) from 15%-80%. In late stage CD3-Legal (and special categories) – efficiency is achieved through better management of accounts reducing the flow into a legal status.


Robust Operational Controls

Collector actions are carefully controlled through system configuration elements.

Sophisticated Segmentation Tool

The ability to create complex account segmentations, define actions and customise the treatment of accounts.

Efficient Automation of Actions

System generated actions can be defined and executed, requiring no collector intervention.

Effective Tracking

A number of reports are available for the tracking of individual accounts, as well as portfolio level reporting.

Independence from IT Resources

Collection system configuration tasks are completed by business users without programming experience, thereby radically reducing the implementation time required for changes and enhancements.


collectsmart Installations

A couple of the companies using CollectSmart to yield higher debt collection and recovery yields.

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