Education Sector

Use data, technology and analytics to manage the student journey.

The private education sector worldwide has been growing at pace due to new online
e-learning entrants as well as new specialised education service providers.

Finding the right students is business critical, but even more important is ensuring that students can afford their fees over the education period thus reducing business risk. Should students miss payments, smart collections strategies with imbedded analytics can greatly assist in ensuring that overdue fees are collected in the most efficient way. Analytics and technology are playing an important role in helping business solve business critical issues and in some cases these strategies are driving competitive advantage.

Our Solutions Cover the Following Areas:

Acquire New Customers

Principa offers both leads and lead analytics to the Marketing and Sales departments of educational business. Our solutions incorporate either new leads or if your business already has leads we provide lead analytics to ensure that your marketing spend is directed at the right parents or students for your business. We also offer in combination with the new or existing leads, an intelligent Ai chatbot channel that can screen or onboard new applicants using new methods to assess risk and affordability. This chatbot can be accessed from SMS or an email link and acts as a great channel for younger applicants.

Customer Origination Solutions

Principa offers a customer on-boarding solution that allows for the capturing of applicant information and documentation; the automated assessment of the application (utilising rules and scorecards), the passing of the application through a workflow of activities and the case management of each application. This solution also has the capability of accepting data from Principa’s Ai chatbot solution. Principa has experience in working with educational institutions to assess the risk of an applicant and has built credit scorecards for this purpose. The institutions have tuition fees and occasionally allow for text books and devices (laptops or tablets) to be bought on higher purchase through the educational institution. In each case there is credit risk to which the institution is exposed and appropriate credit assessment is required.

Collections Solutions

Principa has been providing collections solutions for more than 22 years within both South Africa, Africa and the Middle East and our advisory and collections platform has been implemented by the largest private education group in South Africa to manage their debtor’s portfolio. We offer solutions for the Education Industry, which includes:

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