External Debt Collectors

Gain competitive advantage by using analytics to collect effectively and efficiently

Principa have been offering specialised services to providers of outsourced collections known as EDC’s, in order to assist with operational optimisation through data and data driven software

Our solutions start with consultants that advise on operational strategies, software solutions that increase efficiency and effectiveness and finally a comprehensive suite of analytical solutions and execution capabilities.

Principa’s solutions are tailored to meet the specialised demands of the outsourced collections providers.

Collections management software

Specialised web based, collections management software, for the strategic management of outstanding accounts, by combining data driven strategies with automated actions within an easy to use web interface.

Business rules and decisioning

Our business rules and decisioning software, DecisionSmart, is a decision engine that allows users to make intelligent decisions within collections and recoveries, through the capturing of business rules, matrices, calculations, scorecards, decision trees, terms of business tables and decision flows, business users can configure DecisionSmart to execute business metaphors to enhance the decisioning process

Digital self-service collections bot

Digital self-service capability within the preferred communication platform 24/7/365, assisting customers with statement requests, balance enquiries as well as making payment arrangements.

Virtual collections assistant

Agent X is our latest Innovation. The goal of Agent X is to ensure better call outcomes and secondly to improve motivation among agents. The concept originated from our frustration in providing our customers with great analytics relating to their clients with their call centre agents having no means to utilise the analytics. Our R&D team have developed a software solution that is able to consume the value of the analytics in an easy to read hover over application. 

Collections advisory

Our advisory team comes with years of expertise within collections and recoveries, and can assist with creating data driven strategies, doing current state assessments (CSA’s) aimed at identifying areas of improvement together with remedial recommendations. The team also provide general operation consulting for operational optimisation, and lastly

Data analytics and modelling

Portfolio valuation
What’s an appropriate price on which to bid for a book? Our experienced team of analysts can help your team determine this. We use your data and the seller’s data to determine how well we think you will collect on the book and what discounted yield can be expected over a set period. This helps determine the net present value of each account and ultimately the valuation of the entire book ensuring that you are competitive in the debt sale marketplace.

Predictive modelling
Principa offer a number of predictive modelling solutions to EDC’s to assist with business efficiency solutions. Models vary from client to client, examples of models include right time to call, propensity to pay, propensity to roll to name a few.

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