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Loan Management Platform

Helping digital lenders provide personalised credit products via a web-based digital lending platform.

Financier™ is a scalable software solution giving financial and credit providers the efficiency, agility and autonomy required to lend responsibly and ensure customers are treated fairly whilst helping to drive competitive advantage.

As a leading enterprise platform, Financier™ provides flexible lending and collection solutions for both commercial and consumer finance.

Financier’s™ unique module system allows credit providers to rapidly deliver new products to their chosen market, whether consumer or commercial, regulated or unregulated agreements. Financier™ is designed with compliance and regulations central at the forefront and can be configured to promote a sustainable and controlled business model to support a TCF culture.


Consumer Lending

The digital journey at customer level enables the lender to provide personalised credit terms.

Financier’s™ personal loan module is extremely flexible and scalable, and is developed to support the following loan types:

Commercial Lending

Financier™ provides commercial finance lenders with a full loan servicing platform.

Notable features include:

Line of Credit

Financier™ enables providers to have the flexibility to provide a line of credit for their customers.

The solution gives an alternative overdraft account whereby a drawdown is made against the available credit facility to allow the customer to access funds up to the agreed limit.

Customers can defer taking the full amount of the loan and will only repay the amount they use.


Collections Module

Pre-configured collections module offers integrated ‘out of the box’ standard collection and recovery solution to complement the loan administration functionality of Financier.

Personal Loan Module

Flexible and scalable personal loan module, developed to support a range of loan types.


The self-service / My Account area allows the customer to carry out a range of tasks and provides benefits such as:


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