Genius Call Connect

A rental MLaaS product to predict the right time of day to call your customers.

Improve your connection rates by calling your customers and debtors at the time they are most likely to answer.

Genius Call Connect is a Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) offering that makes use of our Genius Artificial Intelligence engine to analytically calculate the probabilities for Right-Time-To-Call (RTTC).

Genius Call Connect combines predictive models with our artificial intelligence engine, to provide you with an infrastructure light and cost-effective solution to benefit from Principa’s analytical and technology offerings.

Genius Call Connect utilises your internal dialler, account data and other data sources to model probability of achieving a right-party-connect (RPC) on both account and number level. Number level probability of Right-Party-Connect (PRPC) is further aligned to Right-Time-To-Connect (RTTC), in order to achieve optimal connectivity results.

Genius Call Connect further provides you with a desired “decision” based on the outcome of PRPC and RTTC models and is also able to combine several other models (Genius Risk Classifier) into specific decisioning outcomes.

Genius Call Connect delivers the following:

  • Enhanced contact numbers (up to 4 numbers)
  • A Propensity to Connect indicator (PTC indicator) and Right-Time-to-Call indicator (RTTC Indicator) for all numbers.

PTC and RTTC indicators will be expressed as a % and RTTC indicators will be divided into “Morning”, “Afternoon” and “Weekend”.


Why Genius MLaaS?

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Improve your call connection rates by predicting the best time to call your customer.