Stratus ML

Data Management Platform and Machine Learning Model Execution Engine

Deploy Machine Learning in your Business with Principa’s Stratus MLP Solution

In the digital arena, the use of company data and external data play an important role in helping large and medium size organisations achieve business improvement and competitive advantage. Specific achievements may  include increased operational efficiency, a better understanding of  customers’ needs and wants, improved new business sales and the ability to provide customer services on a personalised level.

Machine learning technology is the ideal analytical solution to achieve these outcomes due to the speed at which new models can be developed and implemented as well as the ability of the specific technology to process huge volumes of data. 

Machine Learning Technologies

Machine learning technology is complex, but massive inroads have been made of late that have lowered the barriers to entry to this space. The development and implementation of these solutions is still no easy feat as a number of technological hurdles need to be cleared.

Development requires connecting tens of thousands of data points through complex predictive models. Technical hurdles relating to the implementation of this type of analytical solution include aspects such as data processing capability, processing speed, data storage and the associated costs. 

As a company that specialises in predictive and prescriptive analytical solutions, Principa has always remained invested in keeping up to date with new technological solutions available in the cloud and on-premise space. We understand the significant value-add of machine learning solutions and wish to extend the benefits to be achieved to our customers. Our aim is to provide them with cost-effective machine learning solutions that could achieve all the requirements of a managed and compliant machine learning environment, either on-premise or in the cloud.

Our Offering

Stratus ML – Principa’s award winning proprietary machine learning data management and model execution solution.

Principa uses a number of existing and established technologies to ingest, wrangle, manage and retrain machine learning models. All this is conveniently wrapped in a single platform called Stratus MLP. Stratus MLP provides model management, execution, reporting and audit features to ensure that all compliance requirements in the organisation are met.

Principa also provides services related to the building and monitoring of machine learning models.

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With Principa you have a team of machine learning specialists that can bring the foresight of machine learning predictive models to your business on a well-established and stable machine learning platform.

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