Manufacturing and Industrial Sector

Manufacturers find themselves awash with a significant amount of valuable data

Principa offer a number of products and services within the manufacturing and industrial analytics space.

Amongst these are:
ML Schematic

Machine Learning Platform

With the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices throughout manufacturing, some companies find themselves awash with a significant amount of seemingly valuable data. Many companies struggle to harness this data to create both business insight and predictive foresight.

Insights such as,

The key to all of this is a machine learning platform supplemented with operational analytics.

Manufacturing optimisation

There are a host of challenges within manufacturing that invite scrutiny. Effective human intervention without the necessary information can be difficult to achieve. If we have information (data) surrounding the challenge, we can introduce inventive interventions that can fully equip management in solving the problem at hand.
To help solve a variety of such problems, Principa offer mathematical optimisation. We use this to improve a variety of manufacturing challenges. This includes:
  1. Enhancing personnel schedules
  2. Scheduling manufacturing processes with minimal waste
  3. Determining maintenance schedules for optimal output
  4. Determining transport and logistic schedules
All of these problems (and others) can be solved utilising tools within the mathematical field of optimisation. These projects can be some of the most profitable for a business with results that are tangible and can deliver significant ROIs.

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