Partners form a critical part of Principa’s growth strategy

At Principa, we are firm believers that we can’t do it all on our own and partnering with niche providers who share common goals and cultures are the recipe for business success. Our current partner network is small by choice due to a number of factors which include the complexity of our offerings, the geography’s that we service as well as our insistence that we get a good cultural fit.  

Our partner network is typically broken down into the following areas,  

  • Principa resells Partner Solutions or Technology components

In this category we evaluate how our competencies and those of a potential technology partner can combine together to provide our customers with a great solution. As some may say … 1 + 1 = 11. Ideal technology partnerships provide Principa with niche software solutions or technology components that work with – or within our software solutions. Our partnering models vary from full reseller where Principa represents the solution provider in all aspects of a commercial arrangement to only a part of a commercial arrangement where Principa provide sales and support only.

Welcom Digital
  • Partners resell Principa Solutions

Our reseller partners typically represent Principa in new geographies where Principa’s does not have a direct sales presence. Companies that have a good access to market, particularly in the financial services industry or credit risk sector with a track record of selling and managing IT projects are great reseller or referral partnership candidates.  Once again, the partnerships tend to take on a variety of different flavours from a simple referral partnership model all the way to a full reseller model where the partner manages the sale, implementation and support of the Principa software.  


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