Partners are critical to the Principa strategy in so many ways.

We are firm believers that we can’t do it all on our own and by that we mean sales, technology and in some cases analytics. Our partner network is small by choice as we believe that successful partnerships require large amounts of collaboration, effort, training and investment and importantly a close working relationship. 

Our partner network is typically broken down into three areas,

Software Technology Partnerships

In this category we evaluate how our competencies and those of a potential technology partner can combine together to provide our customers with a great solution – as some may say 1 + 1 = 11. Ideal partnerships pertain to technology and analytical collaboration where there is a close synergy between our companies. So close that we invest in integration, marketing and sales material. We are no strangers to these discussions and welcome and encourage discussions with any interested parties.

Reseller Partnerships

Principa has a variety of solutions that can be sold via a partner network. Our reseller partner program comes in a variety of different flavours from partners who resell in geographies that Principa does not service, to OEM type partnerships where Principa software is embedded into the reseller software solution. Both categories range from a pure referral model all the way to a full reseller and support model. The shape of these partnerships are largely dependent on the skills and sales competency of the potential partner.

We are also always interested in partners who are able to resell in new geographies who have the right skills, experience and footprint so please make contact if you feel that there is an opportunity.

Referral Partnerships

In this category we simply play a referral role – in other words, our sales team see enough opportunity to recommend your solution to a Principa customer. In order for Principa to refer, we must see a logical extension of what we do but not close enough for Principa to act as a reseller.

Technology Partnerships

Once again, we can’t do everything so partnering with technology companies who are specialists in their fields is not negotiable for Principa. Principa is primarily a Microsoft development company and has a MS Gold Partner status.

Welcom Digital

Get in touch to discuss the possibilities…