Predictive Analytics

Predict future outcomes

Predictive Models are built on historic data with the premise “the future is like the past”

Whilst many organisations work in descriptive analytics – reporting on data that reflects what has happened or is happening within their organisation, fewer have made the leap to predictive analytics. Whilst hindsight reporting gives one perspective on the past, foresight analytics gives one a view on the future that can inform one’s planning and strategy.

Model building is our Passion

All predictive analytics have one thing in common, the models are built on historic data with the premise “the future is like the past”. The models are then applied on current data to predict future outcomes. At the root of all this is reliable data, and on kicking off a project we work with your data to clean it and determine the trustworthiness of the data. Once the models are built, they need a home. Principa’s DecisionSmart enables you to deploy your predictive models.

What we offer

How do we go about it?

Most predictive modelling projects are highly customised to our customer requirements. The sales engagement will clearly outline the business problem and the analytical solution envisaged along with a proposed production solution. Following a successful sales engagement, our delivery team will,

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