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Scoring in Collections Webinar

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Globally there is immense pressure on collections and 2021 is due to be another year where collection departments will be forced to improve what they do and how they do it.

A variety of themes have emanated over the last few months, and collection departments are focusing on how to better engage the debtors as well as the introduction of sophistication through themes such as digital collections and advanced scoring.

Scoring in collections webinar

In November 2020 Principa ran a “scoring in collections” webinar in partnership with CIS Kenya (equivalent of South Africa’s SACCRA). During this 1 hour and 20-minute webinar we covered a wide range of themes surrounding scoring in collections. This included how to introduce scoring into collections, the different types of scoring and then some of the bigger themes such as how machine learning might help your collections. If you’d like to know the answer to the last point, please download our free whitepaper which details how Principa have successfully deployed machine learning models and a machine learning platform at the largest debt collection agency in Africa.

The list of topics covered in the webinar are the following:

  • Collections 2020
  • Different types of scorecards
  • Using a collection scorecard within a collection strategy
  • Bringing all the models together
  • Machine learning
  • Contactability model considerations
  • Settlement model considerations
  • Q&A

To watch the full webinar click here. If you’d like to dis your collection or scoring concerns, please be in touch with us below.

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