White Paper: Machine Learning at one of Africa’s largest external debt collectors.

Explore the use case of using Principa Quick-Step machine learning models, deployed on Principa’s machine learning environment with Stratus delivering live analytics through Principa’s agent virtual assistant Agent-X.

How does an organisation with a wealth of valuable data on ten million South Africans harness that dynamic data to make informed decisions in a collection’s environment? The answer is:

  1. Harness the data through a data management platform to create usable and model-ready data-assets,
  2. Build a number of machine learning models predicting contactability, willingness to pay and settlement offers,
  3. Deploy those models in a machine learning model executing environment,
  4. Deliver these models into a collection management system and also directly through to the agent through an agent virtual assistant.

Find out how we did all this using Principa technology and data science expertise in this white paper.

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White paper - Machine Learning

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