Why Principa?

At Principa we Work Wonders. It is as simple as that.

Our vision is to “harness the power of data to inspire and uplift our world ”.


Passion for data driven solutions

We are inspired by data and the power it has to change and uplift the world for the better. Principa has over many years of experience witnessed first-hand how the use of data can improve business performance. We believe we have what it takes to Work Wonders for you, by making a significant difference in the performance of your business through the use of data and analytics.

As a young ambitious team around 20 years ago, Principa started to provide analytical and software solutions to the Credit Risk Sector. At the time, the Credit Risk Sector was the clear market leader in using data to make smart decisions. 

Other industries rapidly started to recognise the significance of data and its use in business. This increase in interest, together with significant improvements in technology relating to both analytics and data platforms over the past 10 years or so, have resulted in a huge rise in demand for data analytical and software solutions across many industries.

Today most large and medium size businesses have realised the value of data and utilise analytics in some way or another to improve business performance.  

Innovate and improvise

The rapid demand for data-driven solutions presented a huge opportunity to Principa to expand our range of products and services across many industries locally and globally. We have over many years accumulated a wealth of experience, know-how and knowledge and therefore have the ability to continuously find new and innovative ways to provide solutions to address the ever increasing number of business requirements and challenges in a world where the need to have the competitive edge has never been more pronounced.

We have positioned ourselves as a leading service provider that provides cost effective analytical solutions that are easy to understand and integrate with a customer’s business environment and achieve measurable ROI.

Principa has the Edge

Our People – We make it our business to attract, find and develop the best talent for our business. We also believe that teamwork and collaboration result in improved solutions and opportunities. Our team, whether acting on its own or as part of a collaboration, is empowered through knowledge, experience and teamwork to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Innovation is Key – Principa believes innovation is key to remain ahead. We therefore constantly seek new ways to improve our current offerings and to find new innovative solutions to improve (tangible and measurable improvement) business performance. Over the past few years we have developed and implemented various solutions aimed at bringing improvement to specific business challenges identified in the market. These include:

Complete Service Package – Our competency is unique. Where our competitors are mostly either software service providers with no analytics experience, or great analysts with limited software experience, Principa provides a service package that includes top-notch software and analytical offerings. Providing consulting services is another aspect of our expertise that assists our customers in understanding their business challenges.   Our consultants, software development- and advanced analytics teams work from under one roof, providing our customers with a convenient one-stop-shop option.

Ethics – Ethics in business is at the heart of Principa’s core values. When conducting our business from first engagement to finalisation, we strive to act with the utmost integrity and respect the abilities and beliefs of each individual we meet and work with.

Value for Money – This speaks to another of our core values : Customer Value Creation. We believe that that we provide real value for money solutions. This belief is echoed by our customers…

What our Customers Say About us

“Principa demonstrated a tremendous amount of insight into the industry, and assisted us in identifying certain key areas of opportunity within our policies and procedures. The Principa team has proven to be one that delivers actionable outcomes in a timeous and highly professional manner.”
Credit Operations Director


“The results of our engagement with Principa have been astounding and we are collecting more at less expense since implementing their recommendations and scorecard. Principa has exceeded our expectations and we would highly recommend their services to anyone in the collections industry.”
Debt Collections


“CollectSmart has helped us manage our bad debt by reducing and actively managing our delinquency. It’s easy to use and evolves through constant updates.”
Collections Manager


“Principa has the ability to structure and simplify complexity and then meticulously drive processes to a common goal. Their consultants are extremely diligent and focused with a wealth of knowledge.”


“On behalf of Visa International CEMEA Region we would like to thank and commend your team at Principa for your considerable effort in making this project, the biggest Credit Risk Project of this nature undertaken in the Gulf Region, a real success.”


“Principa has been our preferred analytics service provider for a number of years and has made a significant contribution to our volume growth during this time. We have experienced positive results from their analytics expertise, ability and turnaround times which has translated into higher lead responses, conversions and retentions. We are happy to recommend them as energetic, reliable and trustworthy partners.”


“We, Hammond Pole Attorneys, engaged the services of Principa to identify weaknesses in our call center, implement “best practice” processes to improve our effectiveness. In addition, they were asked to design and implement a scorecard to enable us to categorize and identify accounts within certain criteria so as to ensure that the correct process was utilized to collect on the accounts depending on the category. The Principa Consultants completed the exercise on budget and within the time frames agreed to. They engaged with the relevant stakeholders throughout the process, implemented best practice processes and custom built a scorecard to suit our needs. The results have been astounding and we are collecting more at less expense since implementing the recommendations and scorecard. Principa has exceeded our expectations and we would highly recommend their services to anyone in the collections industry.”


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